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About Birthday Cake Vineyards

Birthday Cake Vineyards flavored wines are the product of an extensive research and development project, spearheaded by two visionary entrepreneurs and friends, Raphael Yakoby and David Kanbar. Raphael (creator of Hpnotiq and Nuvo) and David (formerly EVP of Skyy Vodka and co-creator of Skinnygirl) had the vision for a blend of confectionary flavors with fine wines, creating a truly unique and elevated wine experience.

What do we mean by “elevated”? Birthday Cake was inspired by the tasting notes that one often hears or reads wine experts use to describe great wines, such as hints of cinnamon, chocolate, and cherry. Raphael and David thought actually blending these beautiful flavors with fine wine would elevate that experience.

So why Birthday Cake? Raphael and David liked the idea of combining the decadent nature of Birthday Cake with the enjoyment of wine. So, the flavors were developed around a Birthday Cake theme. One sip and you will taste the birthday cake flavors come through along with our delicious fine wines. Besides, what can be better than combining cake and wine, two of the greatest gifts to your senses?

When Raphael and David set out to create Birthday Cake Vineyards, they agreed that it had to have the look and viscosity of a wine specialty, with our delicious flavors blended in perfect harmony.

Achieving the right balance of Birthday Cake flavor with wines was no easy task, as wines are very complex and have depth to their flavors, and they didn’t want to lose the wine experience. In fact, while people said they were borderline off-their-rockers to even try, luckily they found a blender who was just as crazy. It took almost two years of pain, but they finally achieved perfection.

The results speak for themselves. Birthday Cake Vineyards flavored wines are simply delicious, yet none of our blends are cloying, rich or overly sweet, so they can be consumed anytime, for virtually any occasion, with or without a meal.

Try Birthday Cake Vineyards and elevate your wine experience.

All of our flavors (whether red or white) should be served chilled. Enjoy responsibly!

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